Do You Know Your Property's Past?

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Central Title LLC is an experienced real estate title company in Lafayette, LA. We want to make sure you have all the facts about your property before you buy. To do this, we perform title searches and offer title insurance.

A title search uncovers any issues that could prevent or slow down a legal sale, such as outstanding liens against the property. Title insurance protects your property against unforeseen legal complications, such as an unknown heir to the property.

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We'll streamline the refinancing process

Refinancing is often a mutually beneficial arrangement for borrowers and lenders. If you’re a borrower, you get a lower interest rate and the ability to consolidate debt. If you’re a lender, you can gain new clients by offering them a better deal than their current lender offers. But for all its benefits, refinancing is a tricky business.

Hire a refinancing attorney from Central Title to make sure you get a good deal. Call our Lafayette, LA office today to talk more about our refinancing legal services.

Your legal questions deserve more than a web search

Do you have questions about other legal matters? Our attorneys at our real estate title company in Lafayette, LA offer:

  • Estate planning services
  • Legal advice through consultations
  • Legal representation in lawsuits and disability claims

We rely on over 100 years of combined experience to give our clients excellent service and sound legal advice. Call today to speak with an attorney in Lafayette, Louisiana.